Moscow (IP) - The members of the parliamentary delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran met with the representatives of the Russian Duma.

Iran PressEurope: According to the Iran Press news agency from Moscow, the Iranian parliamentary delegation met with Russian legislators in Duma on Wednesday and discussed strengthening parliamentary diplomacy with the aim of expanding mutual cooperation.

During their trip to Moscow, the representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian Parliament), in addition to talking with the heads of the specialized committees of the Russian Duma, are also supposed to meet and consult with the senior officials of the Russian Federation Council.

Investigating ways to develop parliamentary relations, strengthening cooperation between the specialized committees of the Duma and the Council of the Russian Federation with the commissions of the Islamic Council of Iran, and helping the two parliaments to increase the level of relations in all fields, especially economic, have been the most important points of consultation between the parliamentary delegations of Iran and Russia.


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