Tehran (IP)-The Deputy Counterintelligence of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence said on Tuesday with the round-the-clock efforts of the intelligence forces, a number of spies related to the foreign intelligence services were identified and arrested.

Iran Press/Iran News: The official pointed out that the spying teams were operating under the auspicious of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israeli regime's Mossad, as well as those of some European countries related to the recent espionage dossiers, sabotage of infrastructure, projects and intensifying brutal sanctions as well as blocking Iran's access to knowledge and modern technologies and creating problems in the Islamic Republic of Iran's relations with friendly countries.

Iranian official emphasized that the enemy's efforts were in vain due to the vigilance of Iran's intelligence forces.

He warned all the deceived people, traitors and blatant enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and stated that in line with national security, the enemies will not be secure anywhere from the dominance of the intelligence forces and "we assure the Islamic nation in Iran we will rigidly confront the enemies' plots."


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