TEHRAN (IP) - Brigadier General Alireza Tangsiri, commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy, underscored the pivotal role the Abu Mahdi missile will play in bolstering the country's defense capabilities.

The missile's primary function lies in its capacity to disable enemy aircraft carriers and their accompanying planes, making it a formidable asset in the nation's defensive arsenal, General Tangsiri told the reporters on Tuesday.

In a significant display of advancing defense capabilities, the Ministry of Defense ceremoniously handed over a considerable number of strategically important Martyr Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis long-range cruise missiles to the navy and the IRGC navy on Tuesday. The momentous event took place in a ceremony attended by high-ranking officials, including Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani and Rear Admiral Hamza Ali Kaviani, the Command-in-Seccond of the Iranian Navy.

According to the IRGC commander, one of the missile's most remarkable features is its capability to drive the enemy away from Iran's coastline, enhancing the country's defensive posture. With an impressive range of 1,000 kilometers, the Abu Mahdi missile can force an enemy aircraft carrier to retreat a further 1,000 kilometers, effectively rendering its planes inoperative, General Tangsiti said.

This characteristic, he added, has placed the missile among the sanctioned weapons, reflecting the formidable potential it possesses.

General Tangsiri highlighted the missile's ability to be fired from deep within Iranian territory, boasting a dual seeker system that proves effective against enemy electronic warfare. Moreover, the Abu Mahdi missile can be deployed on naval vessels as well as coastal platforms, giving the Iranian forces unmatched flexibility in various strategic scenarios.

"This missile exemplifies the pinnacle of our nation's technological prowess, made possible by the dedication and expertise of the elite minds of the Islamic Republic of Iran," the IRGC Navy commander proudly stated.

In addition to its potent range, the Abu Mahdi missile boasts another formidable feature—it can track and attack multiple targets simultaneously, including attacking from behind. This multi-faceted functionality makes it a formidable opponent, instilling fear in potential adversaries.

The unveiling of the Abu Mahdi missile represents a significant milestone for Iran, further solidifying its position as a regional defense power. The introduction of this advanced weapon system sends a clear message to Iran's adversaries—any aggression will be met with a robust and resolute response.


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