Mar 13, 2020 09:14 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 13, 2020 14:54 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi
    Iran Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman reacted to the US President’s offer of aid against Covid-19 to Iran and said Iran enjoys the most efficient and brave medical staff in the world and does not need any US physician.

Iran PressIran news: Reacting to the recent claims of the US President, Donald Trump in his tweet, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said instead of hypocrisy and boasting, the US had better stop its economic and medical terrorism so that the Iranian nation can receive medicines and medical equipment.   

Mousavi then called on Trump to care about the American people.

On Thursday and on the sideline of a meeting with the Irish prime minister at the White House, Donald Trump claimed the US had the best doctors in the world and offered Iran help to fight Coronavirus.

Earlier, in response to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Iran foreign ministry asserted that the US claim of helping Iran to fight Coronavirus is rather a jock and political-psychological game since the US itself has practiced extensive pressures on the Iranian people through economic terrorism.

Unilaterally withdrawing from Iran’s international nuclear deal also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on May 8, 2018, the US launched an all-out pressure campaign against Iran through unilateral sanctions including basic items and even medicines and medical equipment.

Earlier, Mousavi said the US opened a financial channel for procuring medicine but it is limited and does not let Iran use its resources in different countries to secure medicine and medical needs for the Coronavirus situation in the country.

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