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  • Arrogant powers seek insecurity in region to sell their arms: Top advisor
    Arrogant powers seek insecurity in region to sell their arms: Top advisor

The advisor to Chief Commander of Iran's Armed Forces said that the presence of the Saudi, Israeli, and US in the west of Asia generates insecurity.

Iran PressIran news: "In case the enemies want to create limitations and insecurity for the country, they will receive a crushing response," In his interview with Al-Alam channel, Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan warned on Monday.

General Dehghan affirmed that the arrogant powers seek insecurity in the region to get dominance over its resources and sell their arms.

"Bringing its troops to the region, the US has made good targets available to Iran," he said while stressing that the Iranian armed forces are in full preparation to confront the enemies.

Stressing that Iran is not following tension creation in the region, the Iranian General stated that his country is a defender of the region's peace and security and has paid the highest costs to preserve its stability.

He also referred to Iraq's developments and the role of the Saudi, Israeli, and US regimes' new interference methods in the recent Iraqi protests, noting that the regimes do not want an independent and strong Iraq.

General Dehghan emphasized that the Iraqi nation must not allow their protests to deviate from its peaceful path.

Some Iraqi cities have witnessed demonstrations in recent weeks in protest to inadequate public services, lack of jobs, particularly for young people, and bureaucratic corruption. 207/209

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