Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Vice president for Women and Family Affairs reported a bill under examination that deals with the non-Iranian nationals who desecrate religious sanctities from abroad.

Iran PressIran News:  On the sidelines of the cabinet session on Wednesday, July 26, Ensiye Khazali told Iran Press reporter that there is no law approved in the country to prosecute those non-Iranian nationals who desecrate the Holy Quran, therefor the legislation experts are examining a law to address the issue. 

Khazali said: "Following the desecration of the Holy Quran in European countries, which unfortunately has happened in several cases, some law experts suggested that the Judiciary and the Administration prosecute the people who insult the sanctities of the Iranian nation from abroad."

"According to our law, those who hurt both internal and external security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whether Iranian or non-Iranian, are prosecuted," she stressed.

An extremist named Selvan Momika, who insulted the Holy Quran in Stockholm on June 28, insulted the Holy Quran yesterday (Thursday) for the second time after obtaining permission from the Swedish police.

The Swedish Court of Appeals showed the green light to the perpetrators of the crime.

Two weeks after Sweden's appeals court overturned the police ban on anti-Quran demonstrations, the police issued a permit, and the organizer of the demonstration burned a copy of the Holy Quran, which resulted in worldwide protest and condemnation.


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