Tehran(IP) - At the National Government Week, the Iranian ICT minister inaugurated several projects in Kermanshah, Yazd, Rasht, and East and West Azerbaijan provinces via videoconference.

Iran Press/Iran news: Esa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, in a ceremony for the inauguration of his ministry's projects on the occasion of National Government Week, said: " IT can solve many of the country's problems, even in the field of job creation."

He added: We have a coherent system in the budget of government for meeting the needs of the country in the communication sector.

Zarepour emphasized: We did not limit ourselves to politics and law, and the development of the digital economy is on the agenda, and in this regard, we will use the capacity of the elites.

He pointed out that rural communications share in the country has reached from three to seven percent, and our plans led to the increase of the ministry's budget to more than double.

Zarepour added: The government is determined to solve the country's communication problems at all levels. In this regard, we also have plans for private companies active in telecommunications.

He said: We will add 70% to the infrastructure capacity by the end of the year with the power of local ability.

In 2000 villages, he stated that their communication problems had been solved in recent months.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology added: "In the field of information technology, the smart government is being followed seriously and the information bases will be connected by the end of the government."

Internet access based on optical fiber and 2548 projects in Iran Telecommunication Company was among the most important projects of today.


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