Tehran (IP)- Coinciding with the days of martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (PBUH), a funeral ceremony for the body of 200 unknown martyrs of the Holy Defense was held on Monday in the Museum of Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense.

Iran PressIran news: Most of the bodies of these 400 martyrs are related to the operations "Badr," "Ramadan," "Karbala 5", "Karbala 6", "Wal Fajr 1", "Beit al-Moghadas" in 1988 in the areas of "East Tigris," "East Basra, "Shalamcheh" and "Somar." They have been investigated by the Search Committee of the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces.

Among these martyrs, there are 200 unknown martyrs. According to Brigadier General "Bahman Kargar," the head of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Artifacts and Publication of the Values ​​of the Holy Defense, to identify the pure bodies of the unknown martyrs, their DNA is taken. After notifying the family and making arrangements, if the family agrees, the martyr remains in the same place of burial, otherwise, depending on the request, the body of the martyr is moved to the place where the family lives.

Another ceremony for 400 unknown martyrs will be held early on Tuesday in front of the Main Entrance of the University of Tehran.


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