The website of the United States Elections Project announced the first unofficial results of the US presidential election.

Today, Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the US Presidential Election Project website announced that about 100 million votes, either in-person or postal, have been counted.

According to the report, 28 million 212 thousand 749 ballots have not been returned to the ballot boxes.

Also as the report says, in some key states, out of a total of 8,974,896 votes cast in the state of Florida, 3,512,211 votes went to the Democratic party, and 3,404,088 votes went to the Republicans while 1 million. 933,648 votes were registered for other parties.

The state of Pennsylvania, which has become one of the key states in the US elections, received 2 million 414 thousand and 351 votes from its citizens, of which the share of Democrats is 1 million 569 thousand 194 votes, compared to the share of Republicans 555 thousand and 805 votes this is while the share of third parties is 245,115 votes.

The official results will be announced tomorrow, Wednesday.

The US election is drawing to a close while in terms of number of early ballots, fears of unrest and subsequent violence, and the heavy shadow of the outbreak of the Coronavirus over the election in the US is unprecedented.