An explosion, followed by a fire, has occurred at the main gas pipeline in the city of Lutuhyne in Luhansk People's Republic.

Iran PressEurope: Initial reports indicate that a fire followed the explosion, which has left about 11,000 subscribers without gas.

Special services are investigating the cause of a gas pipeline explosion in the city of Lutuhyne of the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), the Luganskgaz state-owned company said on Saturday.

About 13,000 subscribers remain without a gas supply.

A headquarters has been created to eliminate the consequences of the explosion, the company added.

In mid-June, an explosion occurred at a gas pipeline in the center of Lugansk, which was followed by a fire. As a result of the incident, 20 residential buildings and 21 communal facilities were temporarily disconnected from the natural gas supply, according to Luganskgaz.