Jun 12, 2020 13:23 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 03, 2020 21:30 Asia/Tehran]
  • Effective vaccine for Coronavirus may never be made; a German virologist claims

Describing global efforts to make a vaccine for the Coronavirus as a disaster, a top German virologist says there are going to be "maybe never" to have a super effective vaccine for the virus.

Iran PressEurope: The virologist Oliver Keppler, Board member of the Max von Pettenkofer-Institute at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München dampens the expectations for a "Super-Vaccine", saying that there are going to "maybe never" to have the "super-effective anti-Corona" vaccine, and smaller successes against COVID19 should be considered.

Highly critical Keppler pointed out to a study in the US that according to it, 8 of 34 Vaccinated an immune response shown.

"That would be the time to cancel the research to the vaccine or 'back to Start' would have to go, because this result is actually a disaster," he said.

The German virologist believes that, given the successful experience of the measles, mumps, smallpox, or polio vaccine, an effective response to corona is expected to be made, but the coronavirus is different.

Keppler attributed his pessimism to the failures of the past 30 years to develop an effective vaccine against epidemics such as AIDS, squid, tuberculosis, or malaria, which have been plagued by human suffering, but researchers have yet to develop an effective vaccine against them.

Keppler says the world would find a way to deal with Coronavirus one day, and until that day, we have to be socially separated, washing our hands, and following health instructions.

Earlier, the World Health Organization warned that the new virus, which has infected millions of people worldwide, may become endemic, just like the HIV virus, and that people may have to learn to live with it.

"HIV has not gone away, but we have come to terms with the virus," the WHO announced. 212/ 104


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