Iran's Foreign Ministry deputy for political affairs who heads Iran's team in Vienna talks stressed Iran's national interests are the only priority for the negotiating delegation.

Iran PressEurope: Abbas Araghchi expressed hope that issues could be resolved in a shorter time, saying the duration of talks is of secondary importance for the delegation as it is focusing on safeguarding national interests as the first priority.

He made the remarks after meeting with the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Thursday night.

Araghchi also said that the meetings of the JCPOA Joint Commission will resume on Friday morning.

Noting that it would be the fourth round of Vienna talks, he said the Iranian team will follow the process started in the previous three rounds.

He continued "As I mentioned before, we are on a specified path about which there are fortunately agreements, but there are serious obstacles in the way as well."

The Deputy Foreign Minister added: "We have a long way ahead the timing of which is impossible to imagine or predict, and it would be unrealistic if we want to enter into the timing discussion."

He said his team is trying to do this as soon as possible, but they will not act in haste unnecessarily to reduce the accuracy and at the same will not allow the talks to become erosive.