Mar 25, 2020 11:18 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Mar 25, 2020 16:25 Asia/Tehran]
  • Commander of Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari
    Commander of Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari

Tehran (IP) - Commander of Iranian Army Ground Forces said that the Iranian army is ready build 8,000 more hospital beds as the country is fighting Covid-19.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the opening ceremony of a 2,000-bed hospital complex in Tehran, Brigadier General Kiumars Heidari, said, "4,750 hospital beds have been set up by army personnel in different provinces until now and that the army is ready to build another 8,000 hospital beds across the country."

Referring to the Army's exercise in 24 provinces to combat coronavirus, General Kiumars Heidari in his remarks this morning said, "The view of the Army's ground forces to the coronavirus has been offensive from the beginning and will continue until the eradication of the virus.He added that out of the 56 hospitals set up by the Armed Forces to combat and treat Corona in the country, 27 have been set up by the Army's Ground Forces."

Inauguration ceremony of the hospital Complex and rehabilitation center of Martyr Dr Hojrati was held earlier today by the attendance of top army officials and the Health minister’s deputy Iradj Harirchi.

The complex is set up in the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions and has the capacity to accommodate 1000 more beds. The aim to set the complex up is to help other hospitals and the health system in Covid-19 patient reception more by transferring part of their discharged patients in the rehabilitation process. 101

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