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  • Ali Akbar Velayati held a meeting with Tadamichi Yamamoto
    Ali Akbar Velayati held a meeting with Tadamichi Yamamoto

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Leader Top Adviser for International Affairs on Tuesday reiterated that the peace process will be accelerated when the US leaves Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Leader’s Top Adviser for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati held a meeting with UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto on Tuesday.

During the event, the UN officials appreciated Iran's measures taken for backing the Afghan government as well as the Afghan nation.

He also admired the Islamic Republic of Iran's positive role in solving Afghanistan 's problems.

Velayati went on to highlight that Iran has always been backing Afghanistan as well as making peace and stability in the Asian country Iran's top diplomat also stressed that the peace-related measures should be guided by the Afghan government and triggered by the demand of the people.

"However, regarding US conspiratorial measure against Afghanistan as well as region, the significance of playing a more effective role by UN seems necessary ", warned Iran's Leader’s Top Adviser.

Velayati reiterated that the peace and stability process will be accelerated when there would be no intervention by aggressors especially the US and If the Us would leave Afghanistan, the cultured and politically informed people of Afghanistan would determine their own destiny with no US interference.

Velayati called aggressive countries like the US as the source of Afghan problems.

Regarding Iran's effective role in the region, Yamamoto called for the Islamic Republic of Iran's more accentuated presence in the Afghan Peace process talks as well as cooperation with the United Nations.

During the meeting, the two sides also discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan as well as the ground for bilateral cooperation aimed at solving the existing problems.


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