Goma(IP): In Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, young people gathered within citizen movements and other pressure groups and organized an angry demonstration on Monday, March 4.

Iran PressAfrica: This demonstration aimed to “denounce the silence of the international community in the face of the aggression of the Democratic Republic of Congo by Rwanda, under the cover of M23 terrorists,” Samuel Chikundula, one of the demonstrators, told Iranpress.

“We have nothing left to do with this international community, we are fed up.  This international community is making decisions by saying that they are telling Rwanda to withdraw their troops on Congolese soil, something which has not been done by Rwanda.  Rwanda continues to arm and support the M23 rebels.  This same international community is suspected of also supporting and arming M23 terrorists.  Our aggressor is not only Rwanda, but our aggressor also remains the international community.  Soon we will declare war against all the organizations of the international community that are here in Goma,” Samuel Chikundula told Iranpress.

The same feeling is shared by this other demonstrator, who thinks that the international community is playing a double game by favoring Rwanda. 

Christophe Muisa, activist of the Filimbi citizen movement and one of the demonstrators told Iran Press that the community had approached the Congolese people.

 “We are already subscribed by the international community, and when you are subscribed there is only national solidarity which can help the people to unite and to face all this international complicity which passes through Rwanda and Uganda and we say to ourselves today, our people, we must be United, churches, humanitarian organizations, government and the army we must be United so that we can face this war,” said, Christophe Muisa.

This demonstration was held despite the refusal of the urban authority, which had rejected the organizers' information letter.  through this demonstration, the demonstrators also wanted to ask the Congolese government to declare North Kivu a “disaster” province but also to demand the return of peace in North Kivu, a province prey to clashes since the end of 2021.  219

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Around ten demonstrators were briefly arrested before being released a few hours later.  The demonstrators deplored this arrest.  Moïse Hangi, demonstrator, speaking to Iranpress, described this questioning as “dictatorship”.