Pakistani Bishop:

Islamabad (IP) - Pakistani Bishop emphasized that desecration of the Holy Quran is the desecration of all the Holy Books and Holy Jesus.

Iran PressAsia: The Bishop Diocese of Peshawar, Humphrey Sarfraz Peters says that desecration of the Holy Quran means the desecration of Tourah, The Psalms, and the Bible.

While expressing his views to Iran Press, the Bishop said, “Holy Quran is really a very sacred book and burning of any sacred book is insane, it is totally unacceptable.

Look at the beautiful teachings which have been portrayed in the Holy Quran, so that’s why its desecration is totally wrong. To condemn it in a very small word is extremely sad, and then Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are the three Abrahamic religions, they are related to each other, and the Quran further strengthens Torah, Psalms, and Bible.