The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) ground forces issued a statement on Wednesday night confirming the martyrdom of 27 of its border guards, and injuring of 13 others in a terrorist attack in Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan-Balouchestan.

Iran Press/Iran news: According to an Iran Press report, the IRGC Quds Base in Sistan-Balouchestan issued a statement on Wednesday night saying IRGC border guards were traveling by bus back to their homes after finishing their border guarding duties and work in the region.

The statement added: "Takfiri terrorists and proxies of the hegemonic and arrogant system’s intelligence agencies carried out the suicide attack after the failure of the global arrogance (the US) in confronting Iranian people following the massive turn out in the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution."

The IRGC statement noted that an explosive-laden car rammed into the bus on a road between the cities of Zahedan and Khash.

The IRGC statement also emphasized that such acts of blind terrorism are an indication of the cowardice and inability of the avowed enemies of the Islamic Revolution, and cannot change IRGC's intention to defend and secure Iran's border regions.

A Takfiri terror group calling itself 'Jaish ul-Adl' but also known as 'Jaish ul-Zolm' has reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meantime, Ahmad Ali Mohebati, the governor-general of Sistan and Balouchestan declared three days of public mourning across the province.

Also, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi condemned the attack and said the victims will soon be avenged.

"The self-sacrificing military and intelligence sons of the Iranian nation will take revenge for the blood of the martyrs of this incident," the Iranian spokesman said. 103


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