Tehran (IP) - The Judiciary Spokesman said that any prisoner or convict exchange requires the existence of a law, so part of the matter is related to the judiciary branch, and the rest is diplomatic issues.

Iran PressIran News: Massoud Setayeshi in his press conference on June 7, 2023, stated: The extradition of criminals, and transfer of convicts is in accordance with the legal standards and agreements of countries.

He clarified: Asadullah Asadi was transferred to the country, which was in accordance with the laws of the parliament of Belgium and Iran.

Judiciary Spokesman said: I emphasize that we condemn the commission of any attribution of a crime to Assadullah Asadi.

In addition, regarding the latest situation of the case of robbery from the safe deposit box of the "Bank Melli" (Iran National Bank), he said: The contents of the file are 14 thousand pages, with 28 defendants and they are charged with compliance in robbery, acquisition of illegal property and money laundering.


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