Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs called Oman's role in regional and international issues constructive as always.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, in a press conference with his Omani counterpart, pointed to Oman's privileged position in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said: "Oman's role in regional and international issues has always been positive and constructive."

Haitham bin Tariq Al Said the Sultan of Oman, arrived in Tehran on Sunday for a two-day visit at the head of a high-ranking delegation in order to strengthen friendly relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The visit of the Sultan of Oman to Tehran, which is in response to last year's visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi to Muscat, can have a great impact on advancing the agreements reached and further deepening the relations, and indeed the continuation of the friendship between Tehran and Muscat, not only will be useful for the people of the two countries but also for the people and countries of the region as in the past.

According to Iran press; Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, explaining the talks between the heads of the two countries in Tehran on Sunday, noted: "These talks were about political, economic, cultural and security relations, in which the strengthening of shipping lines between the two countries and the activation of the ports' capacity were emphasized."

Emphasizing the visit of the president to Oman last year and the signing of 13 cooperation documents during this trip, which led to a doubling of the volume of commercial exchanges between the two countries, Amir-Abdollahian added: "Following today's meeting between the heads of the two countries, four more documents were signed between the relevant ministers."

In the continuation of this press conference, Badr bin Hamad al-Busaidi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Oman, pointed out that the current visit of "Sultan Haitham bin Tariq", the Sultan of Oman, to Tehran, shows the extension and depth of historical and privileged relations between the two countries, and said: "Today's negotiations between the Sultan of Oman and the President of Iran expresses the positive spirit governing the relations between the two countries in all fields.

Referring to the cooperation mentioned by Hossein Amir-Abdollahian between the two countries, he said: "In addition to what was said, we talked about health tourism, food security, transformation industries, renewable energy, as well as the direct connection between the ports of the two countries and the strengthening of shipping and many other issues."

The Foreign Minister of Oman stated: "We also believe that the close relations between our neighbors and the Islamic Republic of Iran will bring security, stability and prosperity."

In the end, he stated that continuous consultations aim to find peaceful solutions to solve the challenges ahead and said: "We will finalize the comprehensive strategic document between the two countries, which includes issues of interest to both sides."


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