Brexit regret has reached record levels, according to new polling which said just 9% of Brits consider it to be more of a success than a failure.

Iran PressEurope: The results of the latest polls show that the majority of Britons believe that London's decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) was a mistake and a big failure.

A new YouGov study shows just 9% of people in the UK thought leaving the EU had been a success while 75% of Leave voters said they agreed with Nigel Farage that the project had been tanked by the Government.

It comes after the former Ukip leader admitted he thought Brexit had been “mismanaged” by the Conservatives and that the project had “failed”.

Some 89% of Remainers said Brexit had been a failure while Leavers were more split, with 37% saying it had been a failure, compared with 35% who were neutral. Just 20% of those who voted for Brexit considered it a success. 219