Commentary (IP) - Ali Bahraini, Iran's permanent envoy to international organizations in Geneva, was selected as the chairman of the 19th session of the Social Forum of the Human Rights Council in 2023.

Iran PressCommentary: Social Forum of the Human Rights Council (OHRC) established in 2002, selects a particular topic around the most important global issues in the human rights area and discusses its different aspects. 

The meeting will be held for two days in Geneva, from November 2 to 3, where representatives of governments and non-governmental organizations are to discuss the role of science, technology, and innovation in promoting human rights, especially during the post-corona era. 

It is the first time that Iran presides over the meeting, an occasion that contains several important messages.

First, it conveys that the project of putting pressure on Iran to isolate it through different international bodies failed. In autumn when Iran was witnessing unrest, the US and Europe tried to exert pressure on Iran, exploiting international bodies to support the rioters and put the Islamic Republic of Iran under foreign pressure. Of course, Iran's membership in the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW).  Now, Iran's appointment as the head of the Human Rights Council's Social Forum shows the West's failure to increase international pressure on the country.

Second, the plot to accuse Iran of violating human rights was neutralized. The US and a number of European countries always claim that human rights are violated in Iran. The appointment of Iran as the head of the Human Rights Council's Social Forum the agenda of which is the elevation of human rights showed that such claims against Iran are rejected. 

Third, the appointment was a great diplomatic success achieved along with the recent de-escalation in the region. The Asian countries including Saudi Arabia, which are competing with Iran on achieving membership in the international entities, put aside the competition this time voted in favor of Iran's chairmanship of the Human Rights Council's Social Forum.

The important event is indicative of a new movement in the West Asian region for peace and cooperation and as much as it is considered a success for the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is a failure for the Israeli regime and the US, since it means the failure of Iranophobia strategy and the determination of the regional countries to develop relations with Iran. 

Based on what was said above, Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of State Vedant Patel reflected Washington's dissatisfaction with the appointment and said the US got disappointed by the decision made by the head of the Human Rights Council, and complained that Iran is not deserved to play US role of leadership in the council the goal of which is to promote and protection of human rights.


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