Iran's envoy:

Baghdad(IP)- Iranian ambassador to Baghdad said that despite some American-terrorist actions against Iran through the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Tehran has never thought of intruding into the region.

Iran PressMiddle East: Mohammed Kazem Al-Sadegh, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Baghdad, on Saturday in an interview with the Iraqi Al Ekhbariya TV channel, in response to the attempt of some parties to accuse Iran of trying to invade the Kurdistan region of Iraq, said: "Such news is fundamentally false and the country has never thought of attacking and invading the territory of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. "

Al-Sadegh also said about the Islamic Republic of Iran's attacks on terrorist positions in the Kurdistan region of Iraq: "This is a guaranteed right to defend oneself; the recent unrest in the country was caused by the infiltration of opposition Kurdish elements from Erbil. "

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Referring to the unlawful actions of the United States through the Kurdistan region of Iraq against the Islamic Republic of Iran, he stated: "Iran is facing terrorist operations originating from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, and from time to time American drones spy on the borders of Iraq and Iran."

Iran's ambassador to Iraq also stated that he has delivered 18 protest notes to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs due to these aggressions and violations.

 Al-Sadegh also spoke about the talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia hosted by Iraq and added: "We thank and appreciate Iraq for hosting and managing five rounds of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia."

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Iran's ambassador to Iraq emphasized: "We continue to count on Iraq's role as a connecting link between the Islamic Republic and other Arab countries."


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