London (IP)- The first Quranic competition for children and youth was held at the initiative of the Islamic Center of England in London, and the winners were honored.

Iran PressEurope: 370 children and youth competed in the Quran competition, which was held with the cooperation of 14 Islamic and educational institutions in England and Ireland.

The Imam of the Islamic Center of England asked families to teach their children the Quran and Islamic teachings.

Hashem Mousavi pointed out the propaganda, especially in social networks, which says that 'Believe in God is enough', said: Imam Sadiq says that faith and good action must be together.

The Imam added: Due to being schools online during the Coronavirus pandemic, we tried to create motivation among children during the holy month of Ramadan by holding the competition.

Mousavi added: The participants of this competition in the preliminary stage competed in person and virtually in their cities, and they qualified for the final stage.

He added: 30 verses of the Qur'an were selected for the contest, and for each of these verses, a poster and a motion graphic, and video and text commentary were also produced.

The Imam of the Islamic Center of England said: All these contents were provided to competitors and they were asked to participate in an online contest based on these verses and answer questions about the concepts.

Also, they were asked to paint based on their understanding of these verses and send it to the competition.

Mehdi Muzafar, who was chosen as the first person in the recitation and memorization section of the Holy Quran, says that he has learned the Quran and memorized the verses of the Quran since he was seven years old with the encouragement of his father.

He added: I am very pleased that by God's grace, I was able to achieve such success in the Quran. He advised all youths to make the words of God a role model in their lives by learning and reciting the Quran.

13-year-old Fatemeh Ala Jamalan, the other winner, said: By participating in the competition, I have got a new experience that will be effective in strengthening my relationship with the Quran.


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