A poll commissioned by European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and Oxford University has found that people in the US and western Europe are of the opinion that Ukraine should not settle without winning the war even if it means “a longer war or more Ukrainians being killed.”

Iran PressEurope: On the other hand, people in Turkey, India, and China would like to see the war end even it means loss of territory.

The opinion poll recorded responses of 19,765 across nine EU countries, Great Britain, the United States, China, India, Turkey, and Russia.

 “But the study also reveals a wide gap between the West and the ‘rest’ when it comes to their desired outcomes for the war and differing understandings of why the US and Europe support Ukraine,” the ECFR report said.

European people along with the government think that the only way to stop the war is to win it. Americans, similarly, believe that “Ukraine must regain its territory if lasting peace is to be secured.”

Meanwhile, around 42 percent of Chinese think that the war between Ukraine and Russia needs to stop even if it requires Ukraine to surrender some territories.

In India and Turkey, the desire to end the war is even stronger with 54 percent of Indians and 48 percent of Turkish people wanting a ceasefire.

When asked “Which best reflects your view on what Russia is to your country?”, 79 percent of Chinese chose “an ally – that that shares our interests and values” or a necessary partner – with which we must strategically cooperate”.

Both Turkey and India chose similar options, although more Indians think of Russia as an ally.

Seventy percent of the respondents in the US and EU, however, see Russia as an “adversary” or “rival”.

According to the ECFR report, the hostility of European people is “reflected in their preference not to buy Russian fossil fuels even if it results in energy supply problems.”