Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is not committed to its' obligations.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani in his speech to the second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in Tehran on Saturday, said: "Several reasons made regional countries to solve their challenges with regional approaches. The first reason is that the Security Council is not doing its duty and is not committed to its' obligations."

According to an Iran Press report, Larijani added: "Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and some other countries erupted without a Security Council resolution - without UN authorization - and this shows the security council is not committed to its' obligations."

The speaker of parliament went on to say: "The second reason is US president's unilateralism which is a threat to human rights. The US administration routinely violates human rights and disappoints countries from what they refer to as global management."

The Second inter-parliamentary conference on terrorism in which top parliamentarians from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and China are taking part, kicked off in Tehran on Saturday.  101/211 / 201

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