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Tehran (IP) - After the weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Issa Zarepour told reporters that Iran celebrated the National Space Technology Day on Tuesday, and two indigenous satellites were unveiled during the ceremony.

Iran PressIran News: Nahid-2 (Venus-2) and Tolou-3 (Sunrise-3), were showcased during a ceremony on Tuesday in Tehran on the occasion of Iran’s National Day of Space.

Nahid-2 telecommunication satellite has been built by the Iranian Space Research Center at the request of the Iranian Space Agency (ISA).Tolou-3 satellite is an imaging satellite commissioned by the ISA and produced by Iran Electronics Industries.

Nahid-2 will undertake multiple telecommunication missions, such as simultaneous telephone communications, and would secure data storage and transmission.

Tolou-3 is capable of capturing black-and-white images with a spatial resolution of five meters. It also has a 10-meter resolution in color mode.

It was in February 2009 that the native Omid (Hope) satellite was successfully launched and the day was named "National Space Technology Day".

At present, Iran is among ten world countries that have the complete cycle of constructing and firing satellites.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology Issa Zarepour and President of Iranian Space Agency Hassan Salarieh attended the unveiling ceremony of Nahid-2 (Venus-2) and Tolou-3 (Sunrise-3) satellites on Tuesday.


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