Iranian and Kazakh officials in a meeting emphasized on the need to expand their economic and business cooperation and ties.

Asia: According to an Iran Press report, the consul general of Kazakhstan in Mashhad, "Aydajan Aydashef" and deputy head of Mashhad chamber of commerce, "Reza Tavakkolizadeh" in a meeting on Wednesday, discussed economic and business cooperation between the two countries.

At this meeting, the Kazakh consul general, Aydashef said: "Cooperation between Tehran and Astana is growing and the two countries' economic and business cooperation, in particular, looks promising."

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The deputy head of Mashhad chamber of commerce, Reza Tavakkolizadeh, for his part, said  Iranian businessmen and investors are ready to invest in Kazakhstan.

He called for further development of economic and commercial ties between Tehran and Astana.

Meanwhile, in a separate meeting with consul general of Kazakhstan, director general of Khorasan-e Razavi Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization called for expanding tourism ties between the two countries.

The official called for re-establishment of Mashhad-Almaty flight. 103/207

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