Israeli Security Minister, who was on his way to the United States as part of an official visit, announced that he was interrupting his visit to the US and getting aboard the first flight heading toward occupied Palestine after the shooting in eastern Jerusalem al Quds.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Zionist regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the scene of the shooting in occupied Al-Quds late Friday, Israeli media reported after having previously said there would be an assessment of the situation in the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Walla! columnist and military affairs commentator Amir Bohbot said that in light of the shooting in Al-Quds, the Zionist Security Minister Yoav Galant was "receiving regular operational reports" from the military officials.

The shooting follows a deadly Zionists raid in the occupied West Bank on Thursday in the Jenin refugee camp in which nine Palestinians were killed.

Far-right extremist Zionist occupation Police Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived at the scene where the shooting took place, and he was received by settlers chanting against him and saying he was to blame for what happened in occupied Al-Quds. "The attack took place under your watch."

Ben-Gvir, surrounded by armed security guards, told the settlers should instead chant "death to the saboteurs."

Moreover, the shooting took place days before a planned visit by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to occupied Palestine, and the state department was quick to condemn the attack, though it said there were no changes regarding Blinken's travel plans.

This is while, several illegal Zionist settlers have been killed and a dozen others are wounded in the aftermath of a shooting that took place in Nabi Yaqub, occupied Al-Quds, Zionist regime media reported on Friday.