Isfahan (IP) - The preliminary indictments of the defendants of Isfahan's terrorist attack were issued by virtue of which 3 were sentenced to the death penalty.

Iran PressIran news:Isfahan terrorist attack happened in Khane-Isfahan strict of the Iranian central province, amid the recent unrest in Iran, led to the martyrdom of 3 security forces.

After the incident on November 25, 2022, a number of individuals involved were arrested, six of whom the trial courts held. 

Four of the defendants request lawyers and the two who had not were determined two public lawyers. 

By virtue of the court's preliminary verdict, three of the convicts were sentenced to imprisonment and three others received death penalties. 

These verdicts are preliminary and can be appealed in the Supreme Court.

During the recent unrest in Iran under the pretext of the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, the enemies did use their political and media power to intensify violence in Iran.

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