Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence reported the dismantling of the largest network of financing terrorism and the arrest of its main elements.

Iran PressIran news: According to a statement by the ministry of intelligence on Monday, the largest network financing the MKO terrorist group through money laundering was identified and dismantled 

According to the statement, 6 terrorist members of the network were arrested, 10 were summoned, and a number of others were prosecuted. 

The wide network was responsible for letting in money from abroad through sophisticated money laundering methods and providing the MKO terrorist-operational teams with various equipment. 

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As the statement says, the ringleader of the network is Ali-Mohammad Dolati, one the main members of MKO who has institutes in the Netherlands and UAE; Being placed within the interaction triangle of Albania, UAE, and the Netherlands, he provided operational guidelines and the necessary cover for the financial and logistical needs of the terrorists. 

The Iranian ministry of intelligence cautioned the countries hosting the MKO terrorists, including Albania, the Netherlands, and UAE the presence of such a group in any country would just lead to the escalation of illegal and terrorist actions due to their criminal record. 


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