Tehran (IP) - In the last year, Yalda Night, Silk weaving, Oud Instruments, and needlework were registered by UNESCO as intangible heritages of the world, Ali Darabi, Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage of Iran's Ministery of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts.

Iran PressIran news: Ali Darabi, Iran Cultural Heritage Deputy Minister, in a press conference on Wednesday, which was held on the occasion of Yalda's world registration, in response to Iran Press's question said: "In the field of tangible heritage, we have one share per year, and this year Yalda was registered in the world record.

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"He added: 56 caravanserais, Izmir Forests shared between Iran and Azerbaijan, Masuoleh (a traditional village in the north of Iran), Hamadan, and Hegmataneh are also on the agenda of tangible heritage registration.

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The Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage said: We have a share every other year in the field of intangible heritage, and since We used it last year, this year, Yalda with Afghanistan was registered. Silk weaving with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, making Oud instruments with Syria, and needlework with Tajikistan was also registered.

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Darabi emphasized: Several intangible cases are also on the agenda, such as Razavi's Eftar and the celebration of "the century" are among these works.

A complete list of Iran's cultural heritage has been collected in both fields to be followed in order of priority and importance, the Deputy Minister of the Cultural Heritage organization said.


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