Five people were shot and killed in a residential unit in a Toronto suburb before the gunman was killed by police, authorities have said.

Iran PressAmerica: Police were called to a residential building in Vaughan, Ontario, at about 7:20 pm on Sunday. An active male shooter had shot several victims at a condo in the area.

Mass shootings are rare in Canada, and Toronto has long prided itself as being one of the safest big cities in the world.

“When police arrived, an interaction occurred between the officers and a male subject and the subject was shot. He was pronounced deceased at the scene,” York regional police said in a statement released late on Sunday.

“Horrendous scene,” York police chief James MacSween added, saying: “Six deceased. One of them is the subject. The other five are victims.”

Another person was taken to hospital where they remain in a serious condition but are expected to survive.


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