Indonesia (IP) - Iranian athletes managed to snatch 3 golds and one bronze in the eighth round of the Senior Wushu World Championship.

Iran PressAsia:The Wushu competitions began on Tuesday, December 6, in Indonesia's Tangerang, where the Iranian took part in both men's and women's sections for Taolu and Sanada competitions. 

In the men's Taolu section on Thursday, Younes Khodaee managed to gain a score of 9.26 in nandao item and win the gold medal. Athletes from South Korea and Egypt stood second and third, respectively. 

Still, in the women's Taolu section Hasti Saseddighi snatched the gold medal in nandao item with a score of 9.24 and stood first. Athletes from Hong Kong and Malaysia also stood second and third, respectively. 

Nazanin Bazdar in the women's nanguan item achieved gold with a score of 8.99. Athletes from Hong Kong and China also stood second and third, respectively.

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Bazdar snatched silver in nanchuan item on the first day of the competition. 

Finally, with a score of 9.15, Shahin Banitalebi snatched bronze in Taolu forms jointly with an athlete from Hong Kong.  Athletes from Malaysia and Indonesia also stood first and second, respectively.

Wushu or Kung fu, is a hard and soft and complete martial art, as well as a full-contact combat sport. It has a long history in reference to Chinese martial arts.


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