Tehran (IP) - Iranian government spokesman said on Tuesday that despite enemies' strenuous efforts to stop science generation in Iran, universities are alive and dynamically functioning in Islamic Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking at his presser held on Tuesday, the Spokesman for Iran's government, Ali Bahadori Jahromi said: "Thanks to all-out enmity of the foes who wanted to stop science generation in Iran, which accelerates the production and problem solving in other sectors, and with all the power, the enemies, wanted to stop it, but despite all this, the universities are still active, progressive and alive, moving the scientific path along.

During the COVID-19, we saw closures both at the school and university level, but this year Iran's universities and schools were open, active and dynamic, and almost all classes were held on a regular basis, and God willing, the same path will continue, and the government supports it as well. The academic environment will be open to solve problems in the country.

The government's red line is the interruption in the flow of science generation in Iran, and will not allow any factor to hinder the flow of production in the country.

Hostile media are among terrorist groups

The spokesman of the government pointed to the anti-Iranian media and said: "These media are identified as terrorist groups by the government and the foreign ministry due to their performance and support for terror and terrorism."

Considering that hostile media are terrorists, Ali Bahadri Jahormi said that all legal and political measures necessary to deal with them are on the agenda, and the owners of these media and those who cooperate with them will be charged, and the National Security Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible.

On Tehran's reaction to the human rights resolution against Iran, he said: "Germany, one of the founders of the resolution, has a long history of anti-human rights actions."

He also mentioned the chemical bombing of Iranian cities by the Saddam's regime and said: "These actions were carried out with the support of the racist German regime, and we expect the country that caused such tragedies to be held responsible for more than 6 thousand chemical bombs that were used against Iran during Saddam's regime.

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Iran will not cooperate with politically-motivated committee of UN Human Rights

"If a fact-finding committee is to be formed, it should be against those who provided chemical bombs to Saddam and against countries that support terrorist media," the spokesman noted.


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