The Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations has written a letter to the UN Security Council calling for the implementation of agreements with the Iraqi government on shutting down terrorists’ hideouts and disarmament of the separatists in northern Iraq.

Iran PressAmerica: The permanent mission underlined that following several consultations with the authorities in Baghdad and the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Iran sees itself entitled to preserve its national security in line with international laws, so the Islamic Republic conducted a recent military operation in northern Iraq.

For years Iran was targeted by terrorist groups who have strongholds in the Iraqi Kurdistan region; these groups have exacerbated their activities and smuggled weapons into Iran to arm affiliated terrorists to carry out terrorist operations.

Iran urges the Iraqi government to control its borders and soil because there is indisputable and authentic information that terrorist groups and separatists misuse the opportunity of residing in the neighboring country to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

In several rounds of negotiations, the Iranian authorities urged the Iraqi government officials to expel those who have committed terroristic crimes to be prosecuted in Iranian courts; their headquarters should be closed, and their elements should be disarmed.

Iran also called for deploying Iraqi military forces along international borders between the two countries. The Iraqi delegation accepted the demands and agreed upon preparing a timeline for the disarmament of the terrorist groups, but they have done nothing tangible so far; thus, the Islamic Republic urges implementation of the agreement.

Iran abides by resolving the issue in cooperation with the Iraqi government via a mutual mechanism as part of an existing war against terrorism. The Islamic Republic has conducted recent attacks on terrorists’ hideouts while trying to target their exact places in pinpoint strikes.

The Islamic Republic attaches great importance to security and stability in Iraq and reiterates its compliance with the territorial integrity and governance of the Republic of Iraq.


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