Tehran (IP) - Iran's President pointed to recent riots in the country, saying that those seeking to spread despair want to disrupt the economic system and worry public opinion.

Iran PressIran News: The 62nd session of the Central Bank's ordinary and extraordinary assembly was held on Sunday morning with the presence of President Ebrahim Raisi.

In this meeting, Ali Salehabadi, the President of the Central Bank (CBI), presented a report on the financial performance of the year 1400 as well as the financial indicators of the year 1401.

After listening to this report, the President mentioned the decreasing trend of the inflation rate, the increase in exports, the collection of the country's foreign exchange revenues, the decreasing trend of dollar rate fluctuations, the decreasing trend of liquidity growth, the increase of net foreign assets, as well as the preservation and strengthening of the country's foreign exchange reserves, adding: "The continuation of these measures will reassure the people as well as the economic actors."

In this meeting, the central bank was also obliged to seriously follow up on the issue of overdrafts by some banks, which has affected the financial and monetary discipline of the country's banking network.

The President also urged the central bank to speed up the facilitation of monetary and banking relations with other countries, to seriously pursue the removal of the monopoly of the dollar from the country's economy.

Raisi emphasized: "The output of the actions and performance of the central bank and other economic institutions of the government should be in the direction of economic stability, investment security, and support for production and employment."

The President also said: "Economic stability, investment security and support for production and employment will not happen with resolutions and people should feel it in practice."


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