Dushanbe (IP)- The Minister of Culture and Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited the exhibition of Iranian artists in Tajikistan, as the cities of Bakhtar, Khujand, and Dushanbe in Tajikistan are hosting a cultural week of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressAsia: Tajikistan's cities are hosting the cultural week of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the participation of tens of artists after the Iranian cities of Tehran, Tabriz, and Shiraz held Tajikistan's cultural week on October 1 to 8.

Coinciding with the cultural week of Iran in Tajikistan, about 80 Iranian artists displayed their latest artworks in an exhibition in Tajikistan. All kinds of handicrafts,  paintings, calligraphy, carpets, and rugs, as well as cultural and historical books, are displayed in the exhibition.

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Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili, Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has traveled to Dushanbe to participate in Iran's cultural week event in Tajikistan. Iranian cultural week programs are being held in Bactria, Khujand, and Dushanbe in Tajikistan.

During his trip to Dushanbe, Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili stated that holding the cultural week of Iran and Tajikistan after 14 years hiatus shows that the two countries have a serious determination to expand relations and cooperation.

According to Iran's Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the relations between Tehran and Dushanbe will be shored up through the expansion of cultural programs.


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