Tehran (IP) - Tehran Governor announced that the jail fight and arson in Evin Prison in the Northern part of the capital has nothing to do with the recent riots.

Iran PressIran News: A jail fight on Saturday night in Evin Prison was caused by a group of inmates of a ward where bandits and hooligans are incarcerated resulted in a fire breakout in the prison's clothes warehouse, but the law enforcement forces of the prison and firemen extinguished the fire.

The fire incident has been contained.

Tehran Governor Mohsen Mansouri said that the prison situation is calm and under control.

He reiterated that the clashes inside Evin Prison on Saturday have nothing to do with the recent unrest in the country.

Mansouri concluded that the ward of prisoners incarcerated on security charges is separate from the ward of bandits and prisoners serving their jail terms on financial charges where the fire incident happened.