Tehran (IP) – Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps once again warned the enemies behind recent riots in Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Major-General Hossein Salami made the remarks at the second National Congress of Sports Martyrs on Monday.

At the beginning of the ceremony, he felicitated the arrival of the auspicious birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The IRGC chief commander hailed the achievements made by the Iranian sportswomen on the international stage after the Islamic Revolution.

He referred to the recent riots in Iran and noted the scenario and the media warfare were plotted against Iran "inside think tanks in Washington and New York and the capital of some European countries and their mercenaries in Riyadh." 

Western role in provoking the riots in Iran

Salami underlined that the enemies resorted to provoking violent riots in Iran after they could not stop the Islamic Republic's progress toward development.

He added that the enemies failed in their economic warfare against Iran after facing people's resistance and said that's why they resorted to instigating riots in Iran.

The IRGC chief commander pointed out that a small number of Iranian youths had been deceived by the enemy while calling on them to awaken and not fall victim to enemies' schemes.

He addressed the foreign enemies who seek to provoke disturbances and riots inside Iran, saying: "We will come to you with these young people who have been deceived by you one day. These young people will return to the open arms of their nation and will become aware of you soon."

"We will take revenge with these young people. Watch your behavior," Salami concluded. 


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