Yemen (IP) - The Yemeni center for demining and clearance of war zones reported that ten children were injured due to the explosion of the cluster bombs left after the Saudi regime's attacks on Yemen.

Iran PressMiddle East: The explosion of cluster bombs left over from years of war in Yemen still is claiming the lives of civilians, especially the Yemeni children.

The Yemeni center for demining announced that 10 children in the Al-Jah governorate of Al-Hodeida were injured because of a cluster bomb. A Yemeni individual also was reported dead in Al-Baida in southern Yemen after the explosion of the bombs. 

The Yemeni body says the blasts are happening every day, but the international organizations and human rights institutions ignore the demand of the Yemeni government for efficient demining equipment. 

Saudi Arabia, supported by the US, along with some other states, including the UAE, have been invading Yemen through land, sea, and air since 2015.  

The Saudi warmongering has so far led to the killing and injury of hundreds of thousands of Yemenis and displacing 4 million people. 


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