Berlin (IP) - A program with the aim of examining religious poems was held at the Iran House in Berlin, Germany, on the occasion of Persian Poetry and Literature Day and the day of commemoration of Shahriar, a prominent and contemporary Iranian poet.

Iran PressEurope: Iran's Cultural Attache Hamid Mohammadi, Persian Language Professor in Turkey Ali Temizel, and the Iranian Persian Language and Literature Azam Kazemi were the figures present in the ceremony to discuss the different aspects of Persian literature and its religious concepts. 

Mohammadi said some believed that religious poetry is one that was generated on the occasion of mourning for Prophet Muhammad (PBHT) and his progeny, and some believed that it was a poem generated in mysticism and religious areas.

He recalled that Hafiz of Shiraz had beautifully expressed the Qur'anic concepts in the form of poetry, and Nizami Ganjavi also expressed moral issues in his poems based on religion. 

Also, Professor Ali Temizel highlighted the distinguished place of Shahriar the poet, and said that his poems, including Heidar Baba, had many advocates in Turkiye. 


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