Almaty (IP) - The 28th international exhibition of the construction industry of Kazakhstan (KazBuild Almaty 2022 ) with the participation of 355 companies from 24 countries has been held in the exhibition center of Almaty.

Iran PressAsia: Iranian companies have an active and powerful presence in this exhibition and have displayed their latest achievements in the construction industry.

The 28th edition of the Kazakhstan International Construction Industry Exhibition is open for four days (September 7-10, 2022).

Mahdi Heravi, the Director of an Iranian company that produces construction paints, told Iranpress correspondent that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran built one of the largest factories producing construction paints in Kazakhstan, and Iranian paint has been able to shine well alongside other regional competitors.

This Iranian paint manufacturer stated that during the negotiations and agreements made with one of the important and famous Polish paint factories, joint production will begin in the near future.

Mrs. Yulia Balotska, the foreign export manager of the paint manufacturing company from Poland, also told the Iranpress correspondent that this factory is one of the leading paint manufacturers in Poland and Europe, and Kazbild Kazakhstan exhibition, in addition to the supply of goods, is the place to sign a contract with an Iranian company for joint production.

All kinds of stones, tiles, insulation, lighting equipment, pipes and fittings, heating and cooling equipment and other construction materials have been presented in the 28th edition of the international exhibition of the construction industry of Kazakhstan.

The market of Central Asian countries and the Eurasian Economic Union is a good opportunity for Iranian companies to launch their products in these markets by introducing their quality products in exhibitions such as the Almaty Construction Industry Exhibition.


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