Tehran(IP)- Attending a graduation ceremony at Iran's Army University of Command and Staff, known as DAFOOS in Persian, the country's Army Commander said that the future of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran would be formed in this university, and it is a path that everyone must pass.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, on Sunday morning, while attending the opening ceremony of the 33rd Master's Degree in Defense Management and the closing ceremony of the 1st Command and Staff of Ph.D. and Master's Degree Graduates of  DAFOOS, emphasized that those who passed courses in other universities should also receive additional training in this university.

Iran's Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi emphasized: This university has an impact on the future of the system, and therefore, you should have a plan for all the moments of this period.

Iran's Army University of Command and Staff, formerly named War University, is the staff college of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, located in Tehran. The academy is a subdivision of the Joint Staff of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army and offers Masters of Military Art and Science courses to personnel of all four military branches of the Army with the rank of Major and higher.

The university also provides courses for foreign officers of countries with a close relationship with Iran.

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi added: At this time, we have a combined war in which all the components of power are involved, sometimes military power, cultural power, economic power, geographic power, and media, and sometimes these components are combined with each other.

He also said: Today, you have a more complicated task than past, and I hope you will be successful with the change created in science and experience.

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In this ceremony, the Commander of the Iranian Army University of Command and Staff (DAFOOS) said about the importance of this university and pointed out that DAFOOS  is on the eve of its 90th year. It has organized training of committed officers with the presence of nearly a thousand volunteers while 358 people were interviewed. After that, 260 Iranian officers and 18 officers from the allied countries of India, Pakistan, Iraq, and Oman entered the course.

He added that the academy (DAFOOS) is a center for joint combat training, and various exercises are planned for this period. The first program is to investigate the operation area with the cooperation of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the end of this ceremony, the top students of the courses were honored.

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