Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said Tehran expects the new government of Pakistan to promptly act for the release of the abducted border guards.

Iran Press/Iran News: "We expect the new Pakistani government to take acceptable and positive steps to resolve the first incident which took place during Mr. Imran khan's premiership in the relations between Iran and Pakistan," said Iran's foreign ministry spokesman.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghassemi briefed reporters about the ministry's latest follow-ups to release kidnapped border guards in Mir-Javeh region.

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"Following the bitter incident at the joint Iranian-Pakistani border in the Mir-Javeh region where the country's soldiers were kidnapped, we promptly launched political and diplomatic measures in Tehran and Islamabad," he said.

"Parts of these measures included the foreign minister's phone call to his Pakistani counterpart, and political meetings by the Islamic Republic of Iran's ambassador to Islamabad," he added.

The Pakistani ambassador was also summoned to the foreign ministry where he was informed of the Islamic Republic's huge concern and the necessity to take prompt and serious actions by the Pakistani government to release the sons of the homeland.

"We hope that the consultations and cooperation between the two sides could achieve the desired results as soon as possible, because all sectors in Iran are trying to return the kidnapped soldiers to their families," Ghassemi concluded, adding "We also expect him to make a success out of the test."

Mohammad Ali Jaafari (Right) and Mohammad Pakpour (Left) visited Pakistan

A high-ranking military delegation headed by Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), visited the eastern neighbour on Monday to relay Iran's concerns to Pakistani counterparts over border insecurity, as well as for talks on bilateral neighbourly exchanges and cooperation.    

The commander of the IRGC's Ground Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour who accompanied delegation described the process of talks between Iran and Pakistan as good, noting that the third party was seeking to undermine relations between Tehran and Islamabad.    

The military official said Iran's serious concern over the border insecurity issue was communicated to the Pakistani army chief and other high-ranking security officials of the country.

"We discussed the immediate release of the abducted Iranian border guards with the Pakistani side and the country's military and security officials promised to use whatever capacity they have at their disposal to provide for the health of the Iranian soldiers and try to bring them home as quickly as possible," said Pakpour.

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He added that the Iranian border authority has managed to secure 90 percent of Iranian-Pakistani joint border while it expects the Pakistani brothers to increase security on their side of the border so that terrorists could not launch attacks on Iran's soil and the county's military bases and checkpoints.

Brigadier General Pakpour said serious negotiations have been held with the Pakistani authorities and they admitted the Iranian side's demands promising to promote bilateral cooperation as far as possible.              

14 Iranian security personnel including Revolutionary Guards were kidnapped on the border with Pakistan last week. The incident happened about 50 kilometers from the town of MirJaveh in Balouchestan of southeastern Iran, very close to the border with Pakistan.

The Pakistan-based Jeish al-Adl terrorist group, has claimed responsibility for abduction of the Iranian border guards.

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Mohammad Ali Jaafari (Right) and Mohammad Pakpour (Left) visited Pakistan