Oct 16, 2018 10:56 Asia/Tehran
  • IRGC confirms14 Baseej volunteers and border guards kidnapped

The IRGC has confirmed that 14 Baseej (volunteers) and border guards were kidnapped by a terrorist group on Tuesday morning. The incident happened about 50 kilometers from the town of MirJaveh in Balouchestan of southeastern Iran, very close to the border with Pakistan.

 Iran Press/Iran: Fourteen Baseejis and border guards were kidnapped between 4 to 5 am, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in "Loulakdan", very close to the border, on the Iranian side of the border with Pakistan. Loulakdan is a village about 50 kilometers east of the major town of MirJaveh, and is considered a suburb of MirJaveh.

The public relations department of the ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) issued a statement, shedding more light on the kidnap incident.

According to a statement by the public relations department of the ground forces of IRGC, the terrorist kidnappers had 'inside help' from traitors who betrayed their colleagues and helped the terrorists and kidnappers.

The statement said: "On Monday night and early hours of Tuesday morning (15-16 October), a number of Baseej volunteer forces and border guards at the MirJaveh border station, close to the border with Pakistan, were kidnapped by terrorists. It seems the terrorists had inside help, with traitors helping the terrorists from inside, facilitating the attack on the border post and the subsequent kidnapping."

The statement added: "The border station had excellent fortifications and was well defended. Various terrorist groups who receive instructions and support from foreign intelligence services, with inside help from treacherous elements, carried out an attack and kidnapping very close to the border with Pakistan, and in fact in full view and right opposite a Pakistani border post.

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