On Friday, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit's 22nd Brigade succeeded in repelling the attacks of ISIS terrorist group elements in the center of Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: Attacks by ISIS elements have increased in recent months in the eastern and northern parts of Iraq. Many Iraqi people and groups attribute the increase in ISIS movements in Iraq to the US plan to continue its occupying presence in Iraq.

Despite the defeat of ISIS in Iraq, remnants of this terrorist group are still present in parts of Baghdad, the capital, and the provinces of Diyala, Nineveh, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, and Anbar.

In 2014, the ISIS terrorist group, with the financial and military support of the United States and its Western and Arab allies, including Saudi Arabia, invaded Iraq, occupying large parts of the northern and western parts of the country and committing countless crimes. Iraq subsequently called on Iran to help Baghdad fight these terrorists. 219

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