Karbala governor:

Tehran (IP) - Karbala governor announced the Iraq city's full readiness to welcome Arbaeen pilgrims in any number.

Iran PressIran News: While attending the Arbaeen Headquarters meeting on Tuesday at the Ministry of Interior, Tehran, Nasif Jassim al-Khattabi noted that millions of pilgrims enter Karbala every year, mainly during Ashura, and Arbaeen procession. 

Al-Khattabi said: "From now on [until Arbaeen], we will see millions of pilgrims in Karbala every day." 

He emphasized that in all districts of Karbala Governorate as well as Imam Hussein (AS) and and Hazrat Abbas' (AS) shrines security forces were at the service of pilgrims.  

The governor of Karbala stated that the people of Karbala were hosting the pilgrims wholeheartedly.

Al-Khattabi continued: "Iraq and the districts of Karbala have a good experience and mechanism in holding the Arbaeen rituals. After Ashura, the residents of Karbala immediately prepared themselves for hosting Arbaeen pilgrims, and security plans have been prepared from two days ago."

The governor of Karbala said that the number of pilgrims who enter Iraq from the Islamic Republic of Iran was more than other countries, so the processions should go on such that be in harmony with the programs scheduled untill Safar 20, Arbaeen Day (September 17).

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Al-Khattabi called on Pilgrims to stay less in Karbala, so that the better the Iraqi authorities could provide service to them.

Al-Khattabi said: "If even there is no place for the pilgrims on the ground, we will put them on our shoulders and host them because they are the guests of Imam Hussein (AS)."

The head of Iran's Arbaeen headquarters Majid Mir-Ahmadi said for his part that from now on, the governors and heads of the relevant committees should get prepared to do their best so that Arbaeen processions would be held the best way.

Mir- Ahmadi noted: "The officials should consider all matters including transportation services, because it is not possible to keep so many pilgrims without facilities at a temperature of 50 degrees. The health and treatment staff also teach pilgrims about hygienic issues.

He demanded more training for the pilgrims and said that many pilgrims have had the experience of Arbaeen in autumn and winter, and they had imagination of a hot Arbaeen with high temperature.


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