Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Road and Urban Development says administration seeking to prepare grounds for the Iranian pilgrims to have a facilitated trip to Iraq in Arbaeen March.

Iran PressIran news: Rostam Ghasemi told Iran Press on the sidelines of the weekly cabinet session on Wednesday that the ministry opened several border terminals, including Khosravi and Tabarchin terminals, to facilitate the pilgrims' march. 

Ghasemi also addressed the matters of safety in the facilitative measures taken for the Arbaeen pilgrims and said that more than 1,000 billion tomans were spent to remove the problems in the accident-prole parts of Khuzestan and Kermanshah provinces, where the border terminals were located. 

"We predict that 60,000 pilgrims will join this spiritual journey (Arbaeen March) in peace by flight, 300,000 people by train, and the rest by bus will make," he said. 

Arbaeen's occasion comes from 40 days after Imam Hussein was martyred along with dozens of his companions during a last-stand battle against the tyrant of the time, Yazid I, more than thirteen centuries ago.

The martyrdom of Imam Hussein has turned into a symbol of righteous revolt and social and political reform.

Imam Hussein is a highly-venerated figure not only among Shia Muslims but also among Sunnis and people of other faiths.

Arbaeen has become the world's largest annual peaceful gathering in the world.


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