A man wanted by the Saudi Arabian state security detonated an explosive belt, killing himself and injuring four others in Jeddah on Wednesday night, State Security said on Friday.

Iran PressIran News:  Saudi Arabia's State Security Spokesman said that the security forces tracked down the terrorist, identified as 'Abdullah bin Zayed al-Shehri,' in the Al-Samer neighborhood in Jeddah on Wednesday night.

He was the 4th on the list of nine wanted men by the Saudi state.

The official added that al-Shehri detonated a bomb belt and killed himself while the security forces were trying to detain him.

A Pakistani national was wounded during the operation, in addition to three security officials, all of whom were transferred to hospital for treatment.

According to the Spokesman, the State Security stressed its keenness to confront anyone who poses a threat to the Kingdom's security and stability or threatens the safety of its citizens and residents.


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