The Israeli army committed a horrifying crime in the Jabalya refugee camp, located in the northern Gaza Strip, killing six Palestinians, including three innocent children.

Iran PressMiddle East: The Zionist regime's air raids on Rafah claimed one martyr and injured three locals, according to media reports.

Several martyrs, including children, have arrived in nearby hospitals. They were killed by an Israeli occupation air strike on the Jabalya refugee camp.

The Israeli occupation has launched several airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since Thursday, martyring around a dozen civilians, including a five-year-old girl, in addition to at least 125 critically wounded, Al Mayadeen reported, citing Palestinian medical sources.

The Zionist aggression on Gaza has damaged or destroyed more than 650 houses.


The Palestinian resistance on Friday started responding to the Israeli occupation's aggression on the Gaza Strip by launching salvoes of rockets toward the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad's military wing Al-Quds Brigades announced the martyrdom of Taiseer Al-Jaabari, a military commander in the northern Gaza Strip.

Shortly thereafter, all of the Palestinian resistance factions issued statements condemning the Israeli occupation's aggression and its assassination of resistance figures and leaders, as well as solidifying the resistance's unity against the Israeli aggressors.

Sources in the Palestinian resistance told Al Mayadeen on Saturday that Egypt offered to mediate a ceasefire for a few hours between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian resistance. But the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) responded by saying now was the time to respond to the Israeli occupation's crimes, sources in the Palestinian resistance told Al Mayadeen. 

The head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's media office, Daoud Shehab, confirmed Saturday that there was no talk about any de-escalation for now, with no ceasefire on the horizon.

"Our priority right now is resisting the occupation and responding to the aggression, terrorism, and violations committed against our people," he said. "Palestinian Islamic Jihad is ready for this battle to continue, and it will create a real state of attrition within the enemy's ranks."

Al-Quds Brigades, the PIJ's military wing, started responding on Friday to aggression waged by the Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip, which has so far martyred 15 Palestinians and injured dozens of others.

Israeli occupation forces broaden their offensive against the Islamic Jihad movement, announcing the arrest of 19 of the Resistance’s members in the occupied West Bank.

Israeli occupation forces launched a wave of arrests, which included 19 members of the Islamic Jihad movement in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli army said in a statement that its forces and agents from the Shin Bet internal security agency arrested 20 Palestinians in early morning raids in the occupied West Bank, claiming that 19 of them are members of the Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ).

Palestinian resistance factions in the Jenin refugee camp stated that all roads to Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank will be under fire.

The factions added during a joint press conference, at dawn on Saturday, in conjunction with the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, that "all roads to Israeli settlements will be under the Resistance’s fire, and the movement of Israeli settlers within the occupied West Bank will be restricted.”

The factions warned the Israeli occupation of committing any other folly against the Gaza Strip, renewing their commitment to continue the path of resistance.

Israeli media reported that sirens were heard in the settlements of “Sderot”, “Nir Am”, “Sapir Academic College”, “Ibim”, "Mefalsim", “Nir Oz”, "Nirim", "Neroz" and "Ein Hashlosha".